The Cooperative

As a cooperative, Manduvirá invests all of its profits into the economic welfare of its members and the whole region. Each year in March, the farmer members gather in the headquarters of the Cooperative for the General Fairtrade Assembly, deciding on how to invest the yearly Fairtrade premium for maximum communal benefits. Traditionally, 50% of the premium is distributed equally as a single-off payment, whereas 50% are used for economic and social projects. See more services

In April all members of the Cooperative are invited to its Ordinary General Assembly, which serves not only for the presentation of the organization's annual economic balance, but also to approve important future investments, vote for the representatives in the Executive Committee or arbitrate in discussions between members.

In general, one of the main objectives of the Cooperative is to offer security, not only in terms of guaranteed sales of the member’s agricultural products and stable incomes. If a member has to face a difficult situation, for example because of the death of a family member, economic problems before the beginning of the harvest season or the loss of parts of his production because of harsh climate, he or she can be sure to find support in Manduvirá Cooperative with solidarity credits, donations or medical services.